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Techno Hub 2 , premises no-l223-K Dubai, United Arab Emirates


1 Conversion Club Event (hereinafter referred to as the – “Event”)  will take place in accordance with the schedule .

Event registration deadline is 24 hours before the event. Event registration for free tickets closes 72 hours before the event. If you are not able to attend the Event, you can transfer your ticket to another attendee . You need to provide your real name and surname for the ticket  - in another case Conversion Club Event team have rights to refuse your entering to the conference hall. 


2 Requests to refund the payment amount, ticket transfer or deposit payment shall be made via email of the Event Organizers.


3 Refund of payment amount will:


- no refund will be made, less than 30 calendar days before the Event


- in the amount of 100% of the paid amount, more than 30 calendar days before the Event.


4 The request for a deposit shall be sent in the order, set in the paragraph 2 of this Refund Policy, no later than 30 calendar days before the Event will take place.


5 The Organizer is not responsible for the proper fulfillment of this Refund Policy in case of the force majeure circumstances.


6 Tickets for the Event cannot be exchanged for other tickets; only cancellations for a refund are permitted. Requests for cancellation and refund must be made at least 30 calendar days before the event. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method. To request a cancellation and refund, contact our customer support team before the 30-day deadline. No refunds will be granted for cancellations made within 30 days of the event. Additional fees, such as processing fees, are non-refundable. Conversion Conf reserves the right to update this policy without prior notice.

​Free tickets provided by the Event organizers for the Conversion Conf 2024 event are strictly non-transferable and cannot be resold to any third party. Any attempt to transfer or resell free tickets will result in the immediate cancellation of the ticket. The Event organizers reserve the right to cancel any free ticket that has been transferred or resold without prior authorization. This policy is in place to ensure fair access to all attendees and to prevent unauthorized individuals from attending the event. Attendees are reminded to adhere to this policy and to only use their free ticket for personal attendance at the Conversion Conf 2024 event. Any questions or concerns regarding this policy can be directed to the Event organizers for clarification. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


7 Delegates and exhibitors are prohibited from participating in any type of unlicensed gambling, betting and casino games in Ukraine.


8 Delegates and exhibitors are prohibited to inform, mention and advertise in any way the sponsorship of gambling, cylinder games, card games, dice games, accepting mutual bets and slot machine games, as well as other types mentioned above.


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